Working at Nucleus Group

As an Automotive Cyber Security Specialist Firm, we strive for excellence and innovation through our highly skilled and hugely talented team who are driven by passion, creativity and results. We actively look for Lead Cyber Security Architects with hands-on experience to work with our Senior Technicians to handle the Implementation, Administration and Management of Public Key Infrastructure Customer Services.

Applicants should Exhibit a deep understanding of Digital Certificate Life Cycle Management including Key Signing Ceremony, Certificate Issuance and Key Storage & Revocation. Candidates would need to understand the Microsoft implementation of PKI (Active Directory Certificate Services) and preferably combined with Gemalto Stand Alone and Networked HSM’s and associated Hard & Software tokens, PEDs etc. They would need to be expert in Microsoft Certificate Template creation, use and revocation in Microsoft AD. Additionally they should comprehend using OCSP for Revocation and NDES for Appliance Enrolment plus have good overall knowledge of Cryptographic Algorithms used by PKI enabled apps including mechanism for Symmetric/Asymmetric Encryption, Digital Signing and Hashing along with Certificate Authority, Registration Authority, Validation Authority & Repository. They must understand the need for the polices, processes and procedures that are required to operate a successful PKI infrastructure, such as Policy Management Authority, Security Policy, Certificate Policy, Certification Practice Statement with a deep understanding of software signing.

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